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With only 12 signs of the zodiac, you wouldn’t believe finding the ideal partner would be all that difficult. Ahhh, but did you consider whether they are Earth, Fire, Air or Water signs, or consider a Compatibility Horoscope? You didn’t?

In Western Astrology, each star sign is thought to come under 4 separate elements. Fire is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Earth is Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Air is Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Water is Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

So what does that actually tell us?

Well… Fire is thought to love freedom. Air is considered to also desire freedom (but slightly differently than ‘fire’) Earth is considered to love security Water is considered to need security (but slightly differently than ‘earth’).
Now, in sun signs comparisons, it is generally considered that you gel best with others who share the same element as you, or are from a ‘complementary element’ i.e. as above, fire and air are complementary with eachother, and earth with water.

Therefore, you could be forgiven for assuming that everyone born under Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius would get on best with Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Not so.
There are those that believe it’s not as simple as that. The belief is that these signs that are considered to ‘get on the best’ can actually have one of two relationships. Either they will get on extremely well, or very badly. There is no ‘in-between’.

Let’s explore briefly, a few of the combinations. (You can read every combination in more detail here at the Compatibility Horoscope Blog).

Our first example is two Ariens in a relationship can often spell disaster. Ariens are typically proud individuals, and therefore unlikely to back down easily in an argument…you can imagine the rest.

Whereas an Aries with a Taurus is more of a match for different reasons. The calm laid back nature of the Taurean can be the perfect antidote to the fiery, impulsive nature of Aries. Needless to say, Taurus is an Earth sign, and Aries is Fire. But this isn’t to safe it’s a PERFECT match, all it says is that this partnership CAN work. A more likely successful joining however would be the Aquarius and Gemini relationship. This is considered a partnership that is able to be completely ‘into’ one another, and become lost in the others feelings and thoughts. Physically, Aquarians find Gemini’s extremely attractive, which undoubtably helps things! However, there is the potential for money troubles, as both are the types to not stay in one job for long.

We have only tipped the iceberg here, but you can find out a whole lot more through such compatibility horoscope products, as 123 Astrology, where you can get a FREE astrological reading.

Over at the Compatibility Horoscope blog, we have taken on the task of detailing each and every possible combination between the twelve star signs, and will be posting them for you over the coming weeks. Be sure to check there to find out if you and your partner (or potential partner) are a match made in heaven.

But remember, Compatibility Horoscopes aren’t always accurate. Quite often they can be innacurate…so where does that leave you? Well, why not follow your heart…life’s too short after all…..why risk never getting together with the potential love of your life…

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Love and compatibility with another is something that we all strive for. It is something that is talked about in every social circle and in every walk of life. This notion of love and compatibility is always a hot topic when discussing your “sign” with someone. One of the main reasons for a person to read their horoscope is to find out about their past, present and future love life. So it’s only natural for us to wonder which zodiac signs are compatible with one another. So who are you compatible with?

Aries – is most compatible with Leo & Sagittarius, compatible with Aquarius & Gemini and opposite from Libra.

Taurus – is most compatible with Capricorn & Virgo, compatible with Cancer & Pisces and opposite from Scorpio.

Gemini – is most compatible with Aquarius & Libra, compatible with Aries & Leo and opposite from Sagittarius

Cancer – is most compatible with Pisces & Scorpio, compatible with Taurus & Virgo and opposite from Capricorn

Leo – is most compatible with Aries & Sagittarius, compatible with Gemini & Libra and opposite from Aquarius

Virgo – is most compatible with Capricorn & Taurus, compatible with Cancer & Scorpio and opposite from Pisces

Libra – is most compatible with Aquarius and Gemini, compatible with Leo & Sagittarius and opposite from Aries

Scorpio – is most compatible with Cancer & Pisces, compatible with Capricorn & Virgo and opposite from Taurus

Sagittarius – is most compatible with Aries & Leo, compatible with Aquarius & Libra and opposite from Gemini

Capricorn – is most compatible with Taurus & Virgo, compatible with Pisces & Scorpio and opposite from Cancer

Aquarius – is most compatible with Gemini & Libra, compatible with Aries & Sagittarius and opposite from Leo

Pisces – is most compatible with Cancer & Scorpio, compatible with Capricorn & Taurus and opposite from Virgo

(please note that this is only a suggestion as to the traditional compatibility traits of certain ‘signs’. This should not be followed as a make or break rule to follow in your love life as there are many factors that come into play when in a true relationship. These suggestions should be taken as such, as mere suggestions.)

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